What is Imagery?

What is Imagery?

Let’s begin the Imagery Birthing program, and start by defining… Imagery!

Imagery is everything that we see, hear, taste, touch and smell. Each of these five senses can and will create an image in our mind. The most important thing to remember is… it is [How] we manage and interact with these images that will have a direct affect on our body’s ability to work in harmony for an optimum birthing experience.

Imagery is simply learning to control and direct the flow of thoughts (or images) that we see, hear, taste, touch and smell. This is the essence of the Imagery mind-to-body connection.

It is important to always remember; “The body is the servant of the mind…” by this I mean, the body obeys all of the directions and all of the instructions that the mind supplies to it.

We can only act or react based on our own perception of what we see, hear, taste, touch and smell. You’re going to easily see that in spite of anything that others may have told you… the simple and basic truth always remains the same… WE ALL HAVE A CHOICE!

We can choose to accept what others are telling us, or we can choose to search out our own reality.

For the mother that says she had a horrible birthing experience, we can easily show you a mother that had a wonderful birthing experience. We all have a choice in absolutely everything that we do in our lives!  We have a Choice!

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Imagine… Believe… and Achieve!
Have a Very Beautiful Day
Jeanne M Engle, C.Ht, CIBI, CII