Slim Trim Audio Program Review

Slim Trim Weight ControlSlim Trim Weight Management…

Weight gain is normal during pregnancy.  Your body will take the time it needs to release the extra weight naturally but you need to be an active participant to help move it along.

Your emotional and physical health are absolutely vital to the well being of you and your family.  Take the time to take control of the stress, poor eating habits and irregular sleep patterns that invade our daily living.

Weight management, after childbirth, can become a long-term issue if not addressed in a reasonable (realistic time-frame) and healthy manner.

As presented below, our Slim Trim Program is specifically designed to assist you with recognizing and managing emotional eating, resistance to exercising along with making healthy living choices.

You deserve to be back in control, on the right path and living your normal and healthy lifestyle.

Slim Trim 1 – Believe… and Achieve!

Slim Trim 1
“Imagine” the weight level that you would like to see when you look into a mirror.  By keeping that image in your mind, you will achieve it.

You can and you will achieve it.  Anything that you truly believe in… you will achieve as your subconscious mind will direct your body to achieve it!

Slim Trim 2 – Willpower for Success

Slim Trim 2
Enjoy your journey through your subconscious mind as you take control of your eating habits and all the wonderful changes you desire.

In this audio session, you will learn how to turn off poor eating patterns and turn on your willpower for success.

Slim Trim 3 – Release Emotions and Stress

Slim Trim 3
The issue of excess weight is more than food gratification due to hunger.  Emotions and stress are the greatest triggers of over-eating and in this audio session, you will review and release the emotional stressful issues that are keeping you from attaining your desired weight.

Slim Trim 4 – Chakra Centers – Color

Slim Trim 4
Color is imperative in our lives and this audio session creates the balance and energizing of your internal physical color centers.

Let the colors heal your mind and body as you release the unwanted weight while empoweing your spirit.

You will see the results that you desire and deserve.

Imagery works… If You Choose to Work It!

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