Postpartum Audio Program Review

post_natal_depressionPostpartum Depression…

Childbirth should be a very joyous and wonderful experience in a women’s life.  The birth of your child can also produce a variety of hormonal changes, which can affect emotions and mood swings.

It is estimated that 1 in 10 women will experience some level of depression and/or anxiety after childbirth.  This extreme uncontrollable emotional roller coaster is described as post natal depression.

It has been labeled the “Baby Blues” and if not recognized or treated, it can expand into a more serious form of depression and anxiety.  An effective and often beneficial treatment for the Baby Blues is to first consult your obstetrician, and also begin to include our gentle and effective mind to body postpartum audio techniques.  This will give you the best opportunity to learn how to relax and balance your energies and control your stress level.

Our Imagery Birthing Postpartum 4-MP3 Audio Program has been highly acclaimed since 1999.  Hundreds of mothers have found an increased level of self control and self confidence.  You will also receive the benefits and comfort of a restful sleep while maintaining the ability to respond and interact when needed.

Review each of our Postpartum Audio MP3s below.
Postpartum 1 – Color Imagery

Postpartum 1
Color Imagery is imperative in our daily living and this audio session creates the hormonal balance and energy necessary to maintain your positive physical and emotional well-being that you and your new baby deserve.

Postpartum 2 – Flowing Through Imagery

Postpartum 2
This wonderful audio session will provide the necessary relaxation to help put hormones back into balance, keep your stress in check and allow you to flow gently with life.

It greatly assists with lactation flow, building your self-worth, self-confidence and self-empowerment.

Postpartum 3 – Deep Sleep Through Imagery

Postpartum 3
Our active daily living may interrupt our nightly sleep patterns causing us to lose the valuable sleep necessary for us to maintain good health.

Our Deep Sleep audio session provides your mind and body with the ability to get the deep relaxing rest and sleep that you truly need while allowing for the mental alertness necessary for caring for your child.

Sleep is essential for maintaining your good health, emotional harmony and balance.

Postpartum 4 – Affirmations Through Imagery

Postpartum 4
Affirmations are positive statements, that when repeated often, are accepted by the subconscious mind as… reality.

This audio session provides your mind and body with the positive statements necessary to make the wonderful and healthy changes you desire and deserve.

By practicing this audio session you will develop, in a very positive manner, your self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth… and be the very best that you can be.

Positive Thoughts Create Positive Changes…

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