Billing & Refunds

Guarantee | Refund

We believe and it has been demonstrated for many years that you can benefit in a positive way through the use of the Imagery Audio Programs you purchase through our websites.

The guarantee we do provide is as follows: “If you listen and follow the instructions and guides provided within any Imagery Birthing Audio Program, you will achieve a positive benefit.”  If you do not work with the suggestions and instructions, as with all things in life, you will not receive any benefial or positive results.

Imagery Birthing will positively work for you… if you choose to work it!  All of life is made up of choices… we all have a choice… make yours a Positive Choice to Benefit Your Lifestyle in a Positive Manner.

REFUNDS AND RETURNS:  The Imagery Birthing Audio Programs are provided as an audio “digital” MP3 (same as a software program), which cannot be returned or refunded.

Refunds and returns are viewed in the same legal context as software policy.  Once opened (downloaded) they are unlocked and cannot be resealed, retrieved or returned.