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Welcome to the Imagery Birthing Program, and thank you for joining me. My name is Jeanne Engle, and I’m a Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Imagery Consultant.  I am also the Director and Co-founder of the Imagery Easy to LearnBirthing Program.

Imagery Birthing was especially designed to help you the mother-to-be to achieve an optimum level of self-confidence and self-empowerment unlike anything you ever imagined or thought possible.  As you will soon see, Imagery Birthing is very easy to learn, simple to use and the benefits will enhance your life forever!  The Imagery Birthing program was created after several years of my Clinical Hypnotherapy work, studies and interaction with my clients.

What To Do?During the 1990’s, I joined a complimentary medical practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, specializing in ‘Pain Management’ for chronically ill and injured patients.  It was during my clinical work that I was approached by several expectant mothers and was asked for help with their fear and concerns about the birthing experience.  They wanted to have a completely ‘drug-free’ birth but the fear of the unknown was causing them undue stress and anxiety both of which can be dangerous during pregnancy.

I spent the next few weeks working to dispel their fears and anxiety and these mothers-to-be did learn a new and effective mind/body technique to create their own relaxation and natural anesthesia for pain control.

I expressed to each mother-to-be that their ability to achieve a calm and relaxing Practicechildbirth was directly related to their commitment to practicing the relaxation techniques just as they are presented here.

Each of these expectant mothers did make a choice to commit to practicing the relaxation techniques, and each mother did in-fact create a unique and very beautiful childbirth experience, a wonderful memory that will last a lifetime!

It was at this time that we founded the Imagery Birthing program.

The Benefits of Imagery Birthing

Benefits of Imagery Birthing

The Imagery Birthing program will greatly assist you in achieving a much better quality of sleep, a noticeable reduction in your fear and anxiety, and above all, an excellent Believe and Achieveopportunity for a comfortable labor and the joyous birthing experience you desire and deserve!

Through your daily commitment to practice and listening to your Imagery Birthing audiotapes you will achieve the optimum level of self-awareness, self-confidence and self-empowerment.

Every birth is unique and personal, and you have now taken the most beneficial steps you can to develop your mind and body for this beautiful and special event… Congratulations!!

What To Expect Through Imagery Birthing

What to Expect Through Imagery Birthing

Long ago, we learned that childbirth is an event of the mind as well as the body.  We also learned that it is how you prepare your mind and body that is the most important factor for the successful outcome of your birth.

Far too often our joy and excitement are over-shadowed by our fears, uncertainty, and questionable self-confidence.  We all have the ability to change these negative feelings.  Imagery Birthing will provide you with the best methods to assist you in changing these self confidenceand several other misconceptions you may have about childbirth.

When your mind and body are in harmony, you have essentially created the perfect balance for physical comfort, mental relaxation and emotional self-confidence.  There isn’t anything more rewarding then to participate in a calm and peaceful birthing experience… the way nature intended it to be!  No other natural childbirth program provides you with such a clear and comprehensive mind and body relaxation method.  Imagery Birthing is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and to your precious child.

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PLEASE REMEMBER:  You will need to download your purchase directly to your computer or laptop, and from there, you will be able to easily transfer the MP3 programs onto your iPhone, Android or other MP3 player device allowing you to listen and learn in any comfortable location of your choice!

Again I want to sincerely thank you for taking your valuable time to reviewing our website and the Imagery Birthing program.

I look forward to having you become part of our wonderful Imagery Birthing Family!
Imagine… Believe… and Achieve!
Have a Very Beautiful Day
Jeanne M Engle, C.Ht, CIBI